11.11.11 : pay-what-you-can-day for poetry prints!


By way of celebrating such an unusual numerological event, and to spread the love on this day with poetry, Friday is pay-what-you-can-day! For the whole of 11.11.11 you can choose your favourite downloadable poetry prints and name your price!

how it happens: 

1) For a full 24 hours, for all of 11.11.11, you can pay what you like for my downloadable poetry prints.
2) Choose which print (or prints!) you’d like, from this page of my website: http://www.nataliefee.com/inspiring-prints
3) Make a note of their name/s, then leave a comment under this post, WITH THE NAMES OF THE POEMS YOU’D LIKE, and name the price that feels good to you! (If you can’t see the comments box, click the title of the post.)
4) Go ahead and make your payment by clicking on the big PAY HERE button below. (It will take you to paypal to make a donation.)
5) Once you’ve paid, I’ll send you your poetry prints for download within 48 hours. (So you’ll have them by Monday morning.)
6) So to sum up: COMMENT (with the price you want to pay and the name of the poem/s), PAY (by clicking the ‘pay here’ button) and SMILE (as you’ve just made someone very happy. Me, you, or whoever you bought the print for.)


each downloadable print retails at £7.99 each.
– they make very beautiful gifts (for yourself of your loved ones)
– people love having them around (read the testimonials at the end of this page)
– they’re eco-friendly + creative: you print them out yourself on some nice paper, then frame them in a way that suits your style!
– donations in pence (not pounds) will make me weep… pennies are for paupers, pounds are sound.
– if you can’t/won’t use paypal (you don’t have to have an account with them, just any bank card will do) or you’d rather pay me cash or cheques, then please email me at natalie(at)nataliefee.com and let me know your wish! Happy gifting & have a fun 11.11.11!

With love,





  1. Welcome to PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN day! This is the comments box, where you can name your price (and name your prints too so I know which ones to send you!) After writing your comment here, just click on the ‘pay here’ button above and you’ll go through to paypal to make your donation… xx

  2. I would like Flow and Today is a beautiful day – I would like to offer you £10.00 for both. Thanks.

  3. Hello I’ll take Flow and Today is a Beautiful Day and I’ll pay £10 for each of them. How strange to put a value on words and concepts. :-) x i

    • Merci pour le lien permettant de vérifier le numéro de Siret, je le cherchais partout Super article ! Je vais procéder ainsi dorénavant, j&uqsro;osais pas trop justement car j’ai déjà eu à faire à des gens totalement incompétent et j’ai bien regretter ma démarche A bientôt, Marie

  4. Hi Nat,

    Good to get through to you!

    I would like to offer you £30 for all six of the e-mailable poems

    P.S. ‘Pay what you can day” – great idea :)

    Love Virginia xx

  5. Hello! I’d like ‘flow’ and ‘give it to me’ please and I’d like to pay you £11.11 :) Phil.

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  7. Dave, how were those guys being stupid? The lesson I take from it is about proper spotting. Always be ready. If you’re not, you might as well not be there.

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  1. […] Fee tried out PWYW for her poetry for one day and you can see from the comments section that she made upward of 3x per sale versus her […]

  2. […] Fee tried out PWYW for her poetry for one day and you can see from the comments section that she made upward of 3x per sale versus her […]

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