thoughts from brandon hill


for national poetry day : theme : STARS

Something Sweet to Drink


When a wish changes from ‘what can I get?’
To ‘what can I give?’
The stars weep with joy
As their sweet songs
Can once again be heard
Playing in your taverns.

When a clinging is released,
An old hurt forgiven,
The universe breathes a sigh of relief
As the rivers of compassion
Can once again flow freely
Down your cheeks.

Then Love comes dancing in wearing her apron
To gather up the tears of stars and men
So that next time her children are thirsty,
She may give them
Something sweet
To drink.


come to me

Come To Me

Come to Me
Again and again
Until your mind stops believing
In all this being apart business
And your heart and mine
Can put all that energy
Into something more constructive

Let’s draw up a map of all the
Beautiful things we could build
You and I!

So come to Me
Again and again
Let your mind
Get lost in our heart’s
Great Plan
And leave us to get on with
What we do best;


Map by Oronce Finé

one glance from you

One Glance From You

As I climbed the gate in the field today
You let us all know you were looking
Your golden eye opened through the lid of the clouds
And your gaze took hold of our hearts

I looked at you with the biggest smile
Knowing this was one of those moments
In which you remind us
You are here

The birds went wild
At your sudden appearance
Singing out their love-crazed appreciation
For one of your passing winks

And together we rejoiced
My spirit, the birds and the field
United in a display of the purest love
Inspired by one glance from you.



Photo by plentyofants

if somebody asked me to say my prayers

If Somebody Asked Me to Say My Prayers


If somebody asked me to say my prayers
I would laugh

For to me
Is the